Brit­tany has an uncanny knack for remem­ber­ing all of the gram­mar rules. Her sharp mem­ory allows her to sift through pages of infor­ma­tion mak­ing edits along the way, and ensur­ing that there is con­sis­tency through­out the entire doc­u­ment. With Brit­tany, you can trust that your copy is perfect.

Brie Schae­zler, Direc­tor of Client Com­mu­ni­ca­tions
Anab­liss Design + Brand Strategy

When it comes to proof­read­ing, Brit­tany is my most trusted and most valu­able resource. When I put a client project in her hands, I can breathe easy, know­ing that she will get the job done right and on time. She is extremely knowl­edge­able and pro­fes­sional, and over­all, a plea­sure to work with.

Jami Fas­sett, Owner
Up & Up Creative