for Design Firms

Don’t look dumb can pro­vide proof­read­ing ser­vices to graphic design com­pa­nies as a sub­con­trac­tor. In my years of expe­ri­ence as a graphic designer deal­ing with large pub­li­ca­tions, I have been amazed at the errors that make it through to the lay­out and print proof­ing stages of the design process.

No mat­ter how beau­ti­fully designed your piece is, find­ing a typo or incon­sis­tency in the printed (or live online) copy is like find­ing the worm in your apple… AFTER you ate one end of it.

After pro­vid­ing the “above and beyond” ser­vice of advis­ing clients of their errors for years from my desk as a graphic designer, I have decided to offer this ser­vice to more design com­pa­nies and spread the light of good gram­mar, per­fect spelling, and enlight­ened sen­tence struc­ture to the dark­est cor­ners of the English-speaking world.