The Don’t look dumb proof­read­ing ser­vice is for any­one who has ever got­ten “too close” to a project to see its imper­fec­tions. I am here to pro­vide you with a sec­ond (or third, or fourth!) set of eyes to ensure that your piece goes to press—or up on the web—with the fewest errors pos­si­ble. Over sev­eral years as a free­lance proof­reader in Den­ver, I’ve earned a rep­u­ta­tion for being the best at find­ing errors oth­ers have missed in many types of publications:

  • brochures
  • mag­a­zines and newsletters
  • books
  • school papers (ask about a stu­dent discount!)
  • ads
  • web­sites
  • cat­a­logs
  • sched­ules
  • much more

As an art direc­tor with 6 years expe­ri­ence prepar­ing files for print­ing, I also have the exper­tise to advise you on sev­eral mat­ters other proof­read­ers and edi­tors will not:

  • errors in charts / graphs
  • back­wards logo, map, word, etc, in a stock or pho­to­shoot photo
  • con­sis­tency in typo­graphic styles across mul­ti­ple pages or documents
  • pre­press errors (bleed, res­o­lu­tion, etc)
  • con­sis­tency in brand stan­dards across your brand (col­ors, fonts, spac­ing, pho­to­graphic style, etc)
  • dummy text left in (it happens!)

Give me a try on your next project. I’m so sure you’ll be sat­is­fied with the results that I’ll give you your money right back if you are not!